Saturday, October 04, 2008



Once upon time, in an environment that is too primitive compared to where we live now, a man insisted to change the face of the world and to be not just a technology consumer nor a technology creator but more, a science creator for the whole world in one of the most sciences to be beneficial to the whole world.


Al-Khawarizmi was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and geographer, he has a lo t of achievements that need multiple of post to mention, but I think its enough to know that this scientist or we can say collection of scientists is the first person to invent a systematic solution for linear and quadratic equations, simply he is the father of Algebra by his first book called "الجبر" in Arabic which was translated to English after that to be the well known basic mathematical science the Algebra taken from the Arabic book name of this great scientist.


His full name is Al-Khwarizmi (Mohammad ebne Mūsā Khwārazmī محمد بن موسی خوارزمی) he lived most of his life in the city of world's civilization at this time Baghdad "بغداد" Baghdad at this time was one of the most civilized places all around the world, it was part of the Islamic Empire at this time that was encouraging sciences and scientist like the man we are talking about now.

Al-Khwarizmi and Computer Algorithms

You might be astonished a bit what is the relation between this scientist and computer algorithms, actually during my read for a book on computer algorithms, that is teaching the basic sciences of mathematical algorithms for addition and multiplication, I found the book author heavily stating the awesome easy algorithms that Al-Khwarizmi invented and it seems that Al-Khwarizmi took care of the Big O of the algorithms at this time.

I was astonished by his great science and great algorithms, so I decided to read more about this great scientist whom you can say changed the face of world, I tried to imagine the world without Algebra, I think it won't be like the one we are living now absolutely.


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